Session with Dr.Rashida.
Dr. Rashida is an Instructor Trainer for Touch For Health in Canada, Educational Kinesiology: Brain Gym Instructor and a highly skilled medical professional with over 30 years of practical ...

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hema Maam
Hema Priyadarshini
May good luck and fortune follow you as you deserve the best. I hope the feats that come your way see you outshine the rest. Love you all. Stay ...
Aparna Maam1
Aparna Tiwari
Alumni meet- the one event that can be rightly and justifiably called “Home Coming”. The one day that Glendalites start the countdown for months ago.. Happiness and cheerfulness is ...
Children of Glendale Academy are incredibly unique-They have great convincing skills, can think out of the box, know how to get together to fight for a cause and are ...
Kirti Maam
Kirti Tripathi
Dearest Students Some time back, I was pleasantly surprised to receive awhatsapp message from one of you saying you missed my classes! I was on the bus home when ...

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